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Xiamen Customs New Tactic-transit transport business &international transport set business

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-16      Origin: Site

Xiamen Customs New Tactic-transit transport business &international transport set business

Under the active efforts of xiamen customs,xiamen port has added its reform dividend.The general administration of customs recently approved xiamen customs to carry out transit transport business of container cargo from Taiwan,southeast asia and other places on the premise of meeting of requirements of the competent department of transportation 

As reported,this time,xiamen port was permitted to carry out the container transport business,it means that more and more cargo from taiwan area,south east countries will come to xiamen first via sea ,and  then via rail service via china - europe rail service to europe and mid-asia area,which can help make connection of sea silk and land silknew logistic channel.Meantime,the carry out of transit transport business can help xiamen port to make big  the international transit lcl business,push international tranist cargo transit at xiamen,push taiwan and mainland industry deep integration and south east country and area connectivity and development.

At the same time,Xiamen customs also has another tactic-the business of international transfer set business.International transfer set business means that the shpt is loaded from aboard and will go aboard,when it is devanned at the transit port,with the principle that the same destination,the same voyage ,the same consignee ,consolidated with other export cargo.The advantage is that with the integrated consolidation,it can decrease the link,shorten the logistics time,save the cost of  international transport,promote the inter space of cargo supply.It also can  benefit to form the scale effect of  the  international cargo supply and voyage.


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