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What is the standard package by air?

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-27      Origin: Site

To avoid the shipment collapse down and be out of shape when airline do the board and when shipment on the transit,we need to handover the shipment to airline with suitable packing.Then,what is the standard packing by air?normally,it will obey below rules:

1. Cartons packages.Carton packing is the most normal packing in air shipments.Only one thing need to mention is that when it is in rain season,to avoid the shpt to be wet,we need to cover the carton with plastic thin film.

2. Crate Packages.Crate packing has its own advantage.It will protect cargo when shipment in transit and it can only be done by machine and will avoid the damage of manual work.Need to attention that for passengers and cargo aircraft,the dimensions will be limited.Normally it is:120*80*80.Also the weight will be limited to 150kgs per crate.

3. Roll packages.For some specific commodities,the package is roll packages.Same it will be requested the dimension and the weights if it will be loaded on passengers and cargo aircraft. And as roll has the scroll character,may some airline has its own regulations.

4. Bale package.Normally,airline will refuse bale packing as it will be collapsed when shpt in transit.So airline will request bale package to repacked in carton package,and bundled in six side.Ups has announced a regulation that all the shipment go to BOM airport ,they will not accept any bale package. They need to re-packed to carton package or it will be charged by huge air freight.

If u have any questions regarding the packing or package,pls feel free to contact us.

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