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What is India ICD

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ICD is the abbreviation of INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT .From this full name, we can easily know that it is depot that away from the seaport.This terms is something like FOB or CNF terms.The different is that FOB is free on board,shipper is only responsible to send the cargo to the ship board,consignee will be take the rest responsible including the ocean freight and the tranist risk.and CNF is shippe must take charge and pay the ocean freight to final destination port.So ICD means that accordingly to the contract,the responsible party need to take the duty and pay the the ocean freight and the inland charge to the exact depot.

How will the container arrive to ICD?

Normally,there are three ways to take the container to ICD.One is by rail,one is by road,and the other is by rail-road combined.In India,ICD service is arranged by the company named:Container Cooperation of India who belongs to ministry of railways of India.

Below pictures can show u the full details of ICD and the exact way to take the container to ICD.


What is the difference between ICD and CFS.

The main difference is the in ICD,it is a place that traders can do import and export,something like internatinal.

But in CFS,it only can do the service of keeping container or do some inspection-something like local.

And there are some reliance between ICD and CFS.CFS offers places to importers to do the pick up. ICD always was surrounded by several CFS.

Here ,we will introduce our china to India sea service.We have offices agents in Xiamen,Shenzhen,Shanghai,Ningbo,Tinajin,Qingdao,and we have competitive rate and rich experience from china to India port and India ICD. For any other ,Details Please click Canter Logistics

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