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How does Tim Cook manage apple 's supply chain?

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-03      Origin: Site

As the latest information ,the newest Iphone will be announced on 12-sept at Steve jobs theater.The keynote speech will start at 10am local time the same day and after 2 days means 14-sept,Iphone company will begin to accept purchase in advance,and they will dispatch the orders and show the newest iphones on stores from 21-sept.


However,the supply chain is more pro-active than the announcement.According to Redditor,Apple company has already predetermined all the spaces available that from china to USA in the future weeks. We can say that the success of Iphone, to a certain degree,it is the success of their supply chain.Job Steven focoued on the product from zero to one,and exploited epochal products one by one at his era .However,Tim Cook specialized in supply chain from 1 to N,With the superior supply chain,he copies the products successfully with high quality,low cost and quick speed.


We all know that Tim Cook is considered as the operation genius.

Then,How does Cook manage the supply chain?  We can analysis from below 3 sides:

1. From 1998,Tim cook took over the department of supply chain and at the same year,he deducted the supplier from 100 companies to 24 companies ,also he requested the 24 suppliers to decrease their other business and persuaded them to move near to Apple factory.

2. He also closed the store warehouse from 19 to 9,to control the stock.

From above two methods,Tim cook decreased the life of the store from 60 days to 6days and now the number of the days  achieved to amazing 2 days,sometimes it even reach 15hours!

3. Also from monitor sales data from the retail ,the website,the third party agency,Apple can allocate the orders timely,and perfecte the iphone quantity and distribution.From this ,Apple can nearly reach  zero store.


As Tim Cooks super supply chain talent,he was appointed as the successor of Steve Job.And under the administration of Tim Cook,their profit ratio is higher than before and at this Aug,Apple company became the first company that market value more than trillion.


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